Directions Parking

Parking During Orientation

Free parking is available in the lot that is located west of the University Health Center. The University Health Center is located at 550 N 19th Street. Look for the “New Student Enrollment” flags to help direct you.

Orientation Leaders will be stationed at the parking lot each morning to greet you. They will give you a parking pass to place in your vehicle for the day as you enter the lot. Once parked, you will check-in for Orientation at the Nebraska Union. There will be Orientation Leaders located along the path to help direct you to check-in.

Below you can reference on the map where the parking lot is for Orientation. The marked blue path shows walking directions to the Nebraska Union for check-in.

Please note that the free parking lot is located approximately .25 miles from the Nebraska Union, where Orientation is held. If you would prefer not to walk that distance, feel free to park in metered on-street parking near the Union at your expense. Garage parking is also available at your expense near the Union (the Larsen Place Garage at 1317 Q Street is nearest to the Union).

View a larger version of the parking map

Handicapped Parking

There are UNL accessible parking spots located outside of the Nebraska Union (14th & R), where check-in for Orientation takes place. Individuals may display a current state-issued handicapped parking permit and the orientation parking pass on their dash to park in this area. Reference the map below for handicapped parking locations.