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After you have submitted your orientation reservation, you can access your pre-advising tasks. These tasks must be completed before you are able to schedule your academic advising appointment and enroll in first-semester classes.

Although your final high school and/or previous institution transcripts do not need to be submitted prior to enrolling at Nebraska, it is important that you submit them to the Office of Admissions, (1410 Q St.), as soon as possible. If you do not submit your final transcripts, a registration hold will be placed on your record, which will prevent future enrollment. You can contact with transcript questions.  

Step 1:
Advising Inventory

The Advising Inventory is a series of questions about your academic experience, incoming credit, interests, goals and personal characteristics that your advisor reviews before your appointment. 

Access the Advising Inventory in MyRED by clicking on the “Admissions” tab, “Undergraduate” then “New Student Enrollment Advising Inventory.” If the major displayed on the inventory does not reflect your intended major, submit the Change of Major request form in MyRED under the “Admissions” tab and wait until your major is updated before completing the inventory.

Step 2:
Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam

The goal of the Math Placement Exam (MPE) is to identify which math courses you’re likely to succeed in. Students in certain majors listed on the MPE site must take the MPE regardless of previous math experience. If you have incoming credit for college-level math coursework, your MPE results do not affect how that credit applies. 

You can take the exam online up to three times (once per 24 hours), and we encourage you to utilize the sample exam. MPE-required students are not able to schedule an advising appointment until the MPE is complete.

Learn More About the Math Placement Exam

Modern Language Placement Exam

The Modern Language Placement Exam, available in Spanish, French and German, is for students planning to pursue a foreign language at the university and students in certain colleges or majors listed on the MLPE site.

Learn More About the Modern Language Placement Exam

Step 3:
Advising Appointment

Once you complete all required pre-advising tasks, you can register for a virtual or in-person academic advising appointment in MyRED. You cannot access the appointment scheduling system until all required pre-advising tasks are complete.

Schedule Your Advising Appointment