New Student Enrollment


Assisting students with the transition to college life.

Prepare to Attend NSE

1. Reserve your New Student Enrollment Day

Dates for NSE are based upon each student's major. The Explore Center must be selected as the college of choice for all students who are undecided.

NSE dates run from June to the beginning of July and is an all-day program from 7:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. When filling out guest information please do not include yourself as a guest.


2. Complete Advising Inventory

This document is required and will assist each advisor in preparing for the advising session during NSE. The Advising Inventory can be completed at

3. Complete Placement Exams


4. Pre-Registration Health Requirement Forms

Students must provide documentation of required vaccinations.


Students 18 or younger should have their parent or guardian complete and have notarize this Power of Attorney Form to expedite care at the University Health Center.


5. Upload NCard Photo

Submit NCard ID photo ahead of time.


6. Download Guidebook app

Download Guidebook app for your smart phone or tablet from your app store. You will find your New Student Enrollment schedule, parking information, and get to know your orientation leaders and academic advisors.

1. Reserve your New Student Enrollment Day

Dates for NSE are based upon each student's major. The Explore Center must be selected as the college of choice for all students who are undecided.

Transfer NSE is an all-day program from 8:00 am. to 4:15 pm.

When filling out guest information please do not include yourself as a guest. Make your reservation today!


2. Complete Advising Inventory

This document is required and will assist each advisor in preparing for the advising session during NSE.

Advising Inventory

3. Complete Placement Exams

Everyone is required to complete placement exams. It helps us ensure you register for courses that match your skill level.


4. Pre-Registration Health Requirement Forms

Students must provide documentation of required vaccinations.


Students 18 or younger should have their parent or guardian complete and have notarize this Power of Attorney Form to expedite care at the University Health Center.


5. Upload NCard Photo

Submit NCard ID photo ahead of time.


6. Download Guidebook app

Download Guidebook app for your smart phone or tablet from your app store. You will find your New Student Enrollment schedule, parking information, and get to know your orientation leaders and academic advisors.

1. Register for Classes

We require all new fully admitted international students to register for classes through the New Student Enrollment Program. IEP, CEAP, and Exchange students will not register for classes through this system. Full admits: Log into MyRed, click on the "Admissions" tab, click on the "New Student Enrollment Reservation", and then select the "mail-in" option. Do not select an in-person date for NSE unless you are currently a student living in the United States.


2. Arrival Information

We provide you with information about arrival dates, airport arrival, transportation to campus, and International Welcome Week activities to make sure you're prepared for your time at Nebraska.


3. International Welcome Week

We host lots of events to introduce you to campus, help you make new friends, teach you about academic and social success at Nebraska, and much more. International Orientation occurs during Welcome Week, and orientation is a required multi-day event.

Hyatt Place Logo

Hyatt Place

The Hyatt Place, located in Lincoln's new downtown development The Railyard, is New Student Enrollment's host hotel. Enjoy complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, as well as discounts at nearby restaurants and shops. To reserve a room for the NSE rate of $119, please call 402-742-6007 or book online and use code G-NS16.

Maps & Directions

Orientation Leaders

Hadi Alsafwani

Mechanical Engineering

Safwa, Saudi Arabia

Tips for approaching a faculty member:

Students should know that faculty members want nothing more than to help students, but are unable to unless those students ask for help first. It is useful to know several tips for successfully approaching a faculty member. First, students should always remember to be professional while communicating with a faculty member, whether it be face to face or via email. Second, remember that faculty members have many other commitments, so it is essential to respect their time. It is also important to be respectful and show your appreciation for their time. Following these simple suggestions can help with interactions between students and faculty members.

Cameron Anderson

Communication Studies

Omaha, NE

The Best Advice I Could Give an Incoming Freshman:

The best piece of advice that I could give an incoming freshman is to be passionate and do not get flustered when you face adversity. In college, I have learned that you are going to face some challenges but it is all about how you respond them. There are many different resources that are available for students to be successful you just have to get connected. I would also say that having a strong friend group helps your transition to college go a lot smoother. Having friends that have the same interests and goals can be beneficial because instead of going through college alone you have others that you can look to for help.

German Avila

Secondary Social Science Education

Grand Island, NE

The best advice I could give an incoming student:

I would tell him or her to get involved on campus. Getting involved is the best method to grow in different aspects. The first step to doing this is by finding an organization that best fits their interest. An ideal organization is one that gives the student a sense of home away from home. Joining an organization where students can feel a connection with one another leads to lifetime friendships. Another reason to get involved is to grow as a leader. Those that are actively involved in the organization tend to hold positions within it allowing them to have responsibilities making them accountable for those duties, ultimately making you a stronger leader.

Myrianna Bakou


Bennington, NE

What it's like to get involved in a research project or UCARE:

At first research is intimidating, especially if you have no experience with it. With that being said, it is so much fun and you get to learn quite a lot. When I first started doing research, I had no idea what I was doing. I took a research methods class, and although that helped a lot, I was still pretty lost. I didn't know what it was like to write a literature review, or interpret data, or anything else research related. There are resources and people available to help you. You will not just get thrown to the wolves and be expected to become a researcher within a matter of weeks. Contrary to popular belief, research is also not always about being stuck in a laboratory all day and working with test tubes. You can research anything. It is a great experience to have and I would encourage anyone who is interested to participate in it.

Becky Brooks


Waco, TX

Why I chose My Major and what my Career Aspirations are:

My love for science and helping others has led me to want to pursue a career as a doctor since I was in high school. However, when I came to UNL, I had no idea what major to pursue. I wanted a degree that was mainly science focused, but allowed time to pursue minors. I met with various advisors in the Explore Center and major advisors who helped me discover that a degree in biochemistry would allow me to pursue my interests. I am now able to pursue minors in chemistry, psychology, and mathematics. The faculty and advisors in my majors have helped me find jobs, volunteer opportunities, and organizations that aid me in accomplishing my long-term goals. It is important to establish a relationship with your advisor early in your collegiate experience, so that they can help you get the most out of your time at UNL.

Angelica Carlini

Marketing and Management

Grand Island, NE

My Study Abroad Experience and How It Impacted Me:

My study abroad experience truly opened my eyes to new cultures and ideas. Nebraska offers so many options for location and length for different study abroad programs. I studied abroad in Spain and France for a month over the summer and I was exposed to a completely different lifestyle. I was able to see the world while still gaining credit that counted towards my major. Nebraska offers many study abroad scholarships and I was able to have about half of my trip paid for and make it affordable. Studying abroad allowed me to explore new places with my best friends and it is definitely something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Chase Caverzagie

Actuarial Science

Papillion, NE

Tips for Approaching a Faculty Member:

Approaching a faculty member can be intimidating at first. However, faculty members love talking to students and helping them with whatever they need. Professors have designated office hours for each class during which you can walk in and talk to them one on one. This is a great way to get help on a class topic that you are struggling with. If you are unable to make office hours for some reason, most professors are willing to set up a separate time to meet with you. Many professors are involved in research at the university. Consider finding out what type of research they are involved in as they love to share their research and findings with others.

Raymond Chewandi

Actuarial Science

Jakarta, Indonesia

Getting Involved in a Multicultural Organization or Event:

Being an international student myself, I understand the importance of diversity in any society. College gives students an amazing opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Being involved in a multicultural organization broadened my knowledge of the people around me. In my first semester, I volunteered for Malaysian Night, one of the biggest international events on campus. From then on, I became so involved with the Malaysian student association that I went on and became the Vice President. It was through them that I made several connections with other multicultural organizations such as Cultural Ambassadors and the New Student Enrollment Welcome Team. On another note, going to multicultural events will give you the chance to try out different kinds of cuisine and mouth-watering delicacies of the world, who wouldn't like that?

Cal Cross

Music Education

Sioux Falls, SD

Tips for approaching a faculty member:

My first time meeting with a professor during office hours was very intimidating. I am not the kind of person who readily asks for help when I need it (big mistake), so it was a giant step out of my comfort zone to do so. I was severely confused on a paper I was writing, and wanted to discuss the assignment with my professor before continuing. When I walked into my professor's office, the intimidating facade he wore during class was gone. He was enthusiastic about aiding me in writing my paper and discussed the assignment to me like I was a colleague or friend, rather than an inferior student. I didn't realize until this first visit during office hours how much professors cared about their students. I think it is important to recognize that they are more than welcome to give assistance, but they do not have the time to personally check up with every student. Instead, it is our responsibility as students to seek them out for help, if needed. All it takes is an email or visit during office hours and they are enthusiastic to do all they can to help us out.

Alex Fernando

Broadcasting and Business Administration

Jefferson, SD

The Best Advice I Could Give an Incoming Student:

There are so many things I could tell incoming students, but I think the best advice I could give is to stay out of your dorm room and focus on your opportunities. Focus on all the amazing opportunities to meet people, get involved, and study something you're passionate about and your opportunities to thrive. I've had such a great time at the university because I go out searching for adventure every day. I've learned so many things by getting involved on campus and meeting all my fellow Huskers. I always say that you learn 10 times more outside of the classroom than you ever will learn in the classroom. I've grown as a person from all my involvements outside of my classes. There's so much to do at Nebraska, take advantage of those opportunities.

Taylor Gehring


Urbandale, IA

Why I chose my major and what my career aspirations are:

When I came to college I knew I wanted to be in the College of Business Administration and that I liked math. I decided that I would declare a major in accounting and see what happens. Taking the first few introduction accounting classes made me really excited because not only was I doing math problems, but I was getting to analyze what the financial statements were going to look like. As I have continued with accounting I have continued to be excited for my classes. I usually save my accounting homework for last so I can have something to look forward to. After I complete my undergraduate degree in accounting I plan to complete the Masters in Public Accounting program at Nebraska so I can sit for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam. After I obtain my CPA I want to work in public or private accounting where my end goal is to become a CFO for a company.

Derek Groathouse

Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science

Waukee, IA

What it's like coming to UNL as an out of state student:

I came to Nebraska from the neighboring state of Iowa. While the distance between them is not far, the differences could be seen everywhere I looked. I immediately knew the thing I missed most about home was the food. While I missed it the most, it also became the greatest part about being away from home. I know that whenever I make the three hour drive home, that there will be a Pancheros burrito and my mom's homemade lasagna waiting for me. Because I left home to go out of state for school, home is no longer just a place to be, but a feeling that exists because of the memories I have. Nebraska has proven to be my home away from home, and I catch myself talking about Lincoln and the university as "home". By getting involved and becoming a member of the university society, I have made Lincoln a second home with memories that I wouldn't trade for anything. Although I came to Nebraska knowing five people, because I left my home state I have made friends from across the country and around the world, I never would have met had I stayed in Iowa. Going out of state can be daunting, but the opportunities to meet people are well worth the risk.

Darin Knobbe

Agricultural Business

Imperial, NE

Moving to Lincoln from a small town:

A high school graduating class of just over 30 made for an interesting transition to Nebraska. The extra students were not what worried me about Lincoln, it was the size of the campus as a whole. I wondered if all I was going to be was another student. This was not the case at all! Through a couple on campus organizations and meeting a few people in class, I quickly learned Lincoln was not different from my small town. I often reference Lincoln to a small town that grew. The streets are not wide open like Omaha, I rarely have had over a 10 minute walk to class, and on that walk it is not unusual to either see somebody you know or is a familiar face. By having an East Campus major, I find East Campus to be a small community itself. Within this small community, the organizations create their own environment. Each one is different, but I have found someone who is similar to me in each of them as well. The university is 25,000+ on paper, but feels like no more than my town of 2,000.

Cal Koch


Omaha, NE

The On-Campus Job I Hold and How It Impacts Me:

One of the best experiences I've been able to be a part of at Nebraska has been my position as a Resident Assistant (RA) in Abel Hall. As an RA, I'm able to help out over 80 freshman residents on my floor. I've gotten to build a countless number of new relationships with residents, my coworkers, and professional staff members as well. I've experienced situations I never would have otherwise in this position. Most importantly, I've been able to learn a lot about myself and the type of person I am. RA's are a great resource for any incoming students to the university.

Emma Kwapnioski

Speech Language and Pathology

Norfolk, NE

Why I chose my major and what my career aspirations are:

Inspiring students, cultivating a learning atmosphere, and helping students succeed are things that I have dreamed of doing since I was in elementary school. Throughout high school, I gain in depth knowledge about this field to help solidify my decision. After multiple speech pathology shadowing experiences, I knew that I wanted to work in a school with children as a speech pathologist for the rest of my life. When shadowing, I loved how the speech pathologist worked with children on a more individual level. During my career, I plan to provide an assortment of opportunities for all children to learn in an encouraging safe environment.

Bridget Lang

French and Political Science

Lincoln, NE

The most surprising thing about UNL:

The most surprising thing about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is how detached from the rest of Lincoln I feel when I'm on campus. When I was applying for colleges, I did not want to go to Nebraska. I have lived in Lincoln my entire life, the majority of my high school graduating class was going to Nebraska and I wanted a change. I didn't believe my mom when she said it was a completely different world on campus and living in the downtown area. Even after deciding to go to Nebraska, I still didn't quite believe her. Living on campus freshman and sophomore year was shocking. It was like living in a different city. The campus has such a unique and vibrant culture and it really draws a person in.

Evan Lindblad

Secondary Special Education

Hastings, NE

Getting Involved with a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) and Its Impact on Me:

Recognized Student Organizations are an amazing opportunity for incoming students to get involved on campus. My freshman year, I joined the Bathtub Dogs which is an A Cappella group on campus. Joining the group gave me the opportunity to continue my passion for music while pursuing my major in Special Education. I get to spend time with 17 other guys and do what I love, which is making music and singing my heart out! One of the amazing things about the Bathtub Dogs is that we get to compete nationally against other A Cappella groups around the United States. Being in this group has pushed me out of my comfort zone so many times that I have grown immensely as a human being. All of the Recognized Student Organizations here at Nebraska are amazing ways for students to find their passions and meet others who they have similarities with.

Yajaira Lopez-Villa

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Crete, NE

Getting involved with a Recognized Organization (RSO) and its impact on me:

Get involved! This is probably one of the things that will help you find friends and transition to college. I actually got involved by accident my freshman year. I had one of my friends from back home drag me to a Mexican American Student Association meeting. I honestly was not planning on continuing but after that first meeting I felt welcomed and it just clicked. The cool thing was that all the new members were put together and we automatically became friends and would hang out once a week. As I got comfortable, I took on a couple of leadership roles and I do not regret it. I have grown as an individual because of this organization. I have learned what I am capable of achieving and I have tested my abilities. Through this organization I have met some fabulous individuals that have helped me strive to be a better me.

Jack Malec

Political Science

Planfield, IL

Resources I Sought Out on Campus and How it Helped:

Upon entering college, I quickly found out that my writing skills were not where they should have been. Writing essays in college was much more difficult than in high school. After struggling for the first couple of weeks, I was told by one of my professors about the writing resource center. The writing resource center helped me not only proofread my papers, but also helped me formulate new ideas and prompts for my papers. The writing resource center is free to use, and often not utilized enough by students. If you are ever struggling with writing in your classes, feel free to look into using the writing center!

Connor Mcmanigal


Fremont, NE

Getting involved with a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) and its impact on me:

The first thing I noticed when I moved to campus were all the opportunities that were available for me to get involved. Many signs plastered the dorms, dining halls, and classroom buildings with posters about different organizations and leadership roles for students to join. The first Recognized Student Organization that I got involved in on campus was my residence hall government. Within the first two weeks of school, I ran and got elected as Vice-President of the Harper, Schramm, Smith Complex. While in this position I planned and led complex weekly meetings, organized events for the Harper, Schramm, and Smith halls, and attended weekly meetings with the governing body of all housing halls on campus, called Residents Hall Association (RHA). This position taught me how to manage my time efficiently, effectively manage large groups of people, and allowed me to interact with university faculty and other campus leaders.

Griffin Mims

Communication Studies and Global Studies

Kearney, NE

Why I Chose My Major and What Are My Career Aspirations:

Choosing your major and what you want to do with your life is a huge step in college and in life. I was lucky and knew that I wanted to be a Communication Studies major before coming into college, and I picked up my Global Studies double major after my first semester. I chose my majors because I knew that they would give me the skills I would need to continue on and get my masters and doctorate in Student Affairs. Both of my parents are professors, and I've always had the bug to work at a university. I want to work with college students and help make their college experience as awesome as mine has been. I am passionate about my major and my aspirations, and that's why I chose to pursue them. That would be the same advice I would give any freshman coming into college undeclared. Find something that you're passionate about and go for it.

Lexi Ostrand

Animal Science

Pender, NE

Moving to Lincoln from a small town:

Pender is a town of roughly one thousand people in northeast Nebraska with the nearest "big city" being forty-five minutes away. Everyone knew everyone's story. There was always that unspoken expectation of what I should do, when I should do it, and who I should become. Moving to Lincoln, I felt like I had this enormous amount of weight I was carrying on my shoulders to live up to what was expected of me. However, I realized very quickly that I was putting all of that pressure on myself. I realized that, no matter what I decided to do with my life, I had an entire town behind me supporting me 100% of the way. I was in charge of what I wanted to do and I did not have anyone pushing me along one path or another. After that realization, I decided to embrace the idea that I was in charge of myself and make my planner my best friend. It contains every aspect of my life and helps me to be more balanced and ultimately helps me to prioritize the things that I truly want to make time for. It helps me be in charge of me.

Joseline Reyna

Criminal Justice

Grand Island, NE

Resources I sought on campus and how it helped:

There are many resources on campus that have been extremely helpful and have made my college experience much easier. I have used the First Year Experience & Transition Programs' study stops, as well as, the Writing Center. The study stops have helped me because they are quiet places where I can focus and get my work done but there are also tutors available for different subjects. There have been times where I have gone to the Writing Center for assistance in drafting my papers as well as, making sure my final draft is ready to turn in. These are just a few of the resources that Nebraska provides for students.

Will Schulenberg


Minnetonka, MN

What It's Like Coming to Nebraska As An Out-of-State Student:

Coming to Nebraska from Minnesota was one of the biggest growth points that I have experienced in my life. Being an out of state student, I spent some time asking myself if leaving home and starting something completely new here at Nebraska was really what was best for me. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared. But I truly believe that leaving my comfort zone and striving to start something new was one of the best decisions of my life. It helped me develop an understanding of who I am and what I want to get out of college. I joined the organizations that I was drawn to, developed new meaningful friendships and ultimately pushed myself to be more engaged in the University as a whole. Leaving home was by no means easy, but by getting outside my comfort zone and starting something new I was able to create the college experience that ultimately made Nebraska a place that I call home.

Sarah Smith

Family and Consumer Science Education

Brunswick, NE

Moving to Lincoln from a Small Town:

I grew up outside of a town of about 120 people. When I moved to Lincoln, I moved into a residence hall that had about 100 people on each floor. I remember being scared for my lecture hall classes that would have large numbers of students in them. However, I took on some advice that was given to me during my own New Student Enrollment day: sit towards the front of the class. By sitting towards the front of the class, I felt empowered to participate in class, which led to me getting to know my professors on a personal level. I also would talk to those who sat around me. Making friends in my classes not only helped when I had question on homework, but it helped in expanding my social circle.

Ashley Swift

Family Science

Omaha, NE

Getting involved in a Multicultural Organization or Event:

Coming to Nebraska, I did not think there was going to be a lot of multicultural organizations to be a part of until I visited the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. I learned about the Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services (OASIS) and all of the programs that they have to offer. I got involved with OASIS as a freshman and the staff has been extremely helpful with my academics and personal life. I also am involved in a multicultural sorority on campus. It is so cool to see the many programs and organizations that this campus has to offer regarding diversity and inclusion.

Tanisha Talib


Gujarat, India

The on campus job I hold and how it impacts me:

I believe getting a job on campus has a lot of benefits. It will help you earn a little cash and this gives you a feeling of independence and self-confidence. I believe that jobs help in getting to know yourself better. My job as a teaching assistant for an introduction to psychology course has helped me get a better understanding of my major but it also helped me realize the joyful feeling I get when I can explain a concept to a student and the light in their eyes when they finally understand it. This job helped solidify my career aspiration of being a counselor in the future so that I can help as many people as possible. It also introduced me to so many people on campus from diverse backgrounds. My job has also made me more patient and understanding as I deal with all kinds of students. I would recommend that everyone get a job on campus as it is a path to self-realization.

Megan Tam


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What It's Like Coming to UNL as an International Student:

As an international student amongst the majority of Nebraskans, at times, I would feel left out when I was grouped up with people who came from around the same area. They would bond quickly over common background and mutual friends while I would be left clueless. After several experiences, I realized that I had to jump right in and include myself in order for them to know me. One experience that helped with this was my involvement in Boots and Cats, a female acapella group. The more initiatives I made to immerse myself in campus culture, the more I realized how accepting people are. With Nebraska's wonderful community, you will definitely find your place in time!

Eliza Thor


Fremont, NE

What it's like to get involved in a research project or UCARE:

Getting involved with research is one of the best decisions I have made while at Nebraska. I knew I wanted to do research with a professor so I looked at research that professors in my major were performing and found a topic I thought would be interesting. At first I was nervous about contacting a professor I had never met, but after setting up a meeting and getting to know her my worries were gone. Working with a professor gave me the opportunity to gain real world experience and the opportunity to broaden my horizons. Over the summer I was given the opportunity to travel to conference centered on sociology, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I fully recommend getting to know a professor and getting involved in their research.

Evann Vrana

Family and Consumer Science Education

Wahoo, NE

The best advice I could give an incoming student:

The best advice I could give an incoming student is to venture outside of your comfort zone. I have done things in college that I never imagined possible. One way I have stepped out of comfort zone since coming to college is by getting involved with the international student population on campus. Growing up in a small town, I was used to being surrounded by people who were all incredibly similar to me. Prior to starting college, I had some preconceived notions that I would never have anything in common with a person from Zimbabwe or Uzbekistan, but now I count people from these places as some of my dearest friends. It is scary and outside of my comfort to strike up a conversation with someone who doesn't speak English well but it has enriched my life in many ways, and I have couches to crash on all over the world!

Mary Woodruff


Omaha, NE

Getting involved with a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) and Its Impact on Me:

The best decision I have made during my time at Nebraska is joining a Recognized Student Organization called University Program Council (UPC). UPC stuck out to me because they appeared to be an active group on campus and worked hard to provide exciting events for students. This includes bringing speakers from around the world, putting on concerts, and providing the ability to learn about social issues. After applying for this RSO I knew I would enjoy giving back to my fellow Huskers but I had no idea I would make some of my best friends. During my time in UPC, I have also learned important lessons about commitment, leadership, and responsibility that I find myself using every day inside and out of the classroom. Joining an RSO, or even just attending an interest meeting, will never be a waste of your time.

Alexis Woodward

Biological Systems Engineering

Grand Island, NE

Why I Chose My Major and What Are My Career Aspirations:

When I mention the words engineering to others, often times I get the response "Oh that must be so difficult." And at times it is, but the reason I choose Biological Systems Engineering was for the challenge. In high school, I discovered a love for physics and human biology, and this major allowed me to combine two of my interests, but also force me to work to solve problems and grow during my higher education. With the knowledge of biomedical engineering, I have had the chance to participate in research ranging from clinical trials with an oncology center to biomechanics of the body at a local hospital. With these experiences and degree, I hope to attend medical school and focus on preventative medicine of athletes through the study of biomechanics.