Parent/Guardian Information

Parent & Guardian Information

We are excited to welcome you and your student to the Husker family.

Through New Student Enrollment, you’ll learn how the university supports your student and how you can, too.

As a parent or guardian of a new student, you play a vital role in your student’s transition to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. New Student Enrollment is a required orientation program for all new undergraduates. With your safety and that of the campus community in mind, NSE will be online for Spring 2021 admits. Despite the change in how we host NSE, we’re still here to support your student throughout the process of course enrollment and transitioning to campus.

Your student’s NSE process will have three required online components, in this order:

  1. Pre-course registration tasks.
  2. Virtual appointment with an academic advisor.
  3. Online orientation modules that cover campus systems, academics, student life next steps, and more.

Starting October 22, an online parent/family orientation portal will be available. Through that online content, you can learn about university support services at your convenience.

How your student signs up for NSE

NSE reservations for Spring 2021 admits will be available starting September 16, 2020. Please note that parents/guests do not register themselves for NSE.

  1. Your student will log in to MyRED▶.
  2. They will click on the “Admissions” tab and then "Undergraduate applications.”
  3. Your student will click on the New Student Enrollment Reservation link.
    • Keep in mind that your student’s $250 enrollment deposit fee must be paid before they will be able to sign up for NSE.
  4. Your student will confirm their major and submit.
  5. On the next screen, your student will see the next available NSE date for their college or major. That is the date when NSE will initiate your student’s course enrollment.
    • Please note that they do not need to do anything on their scheduled date, so it is not necessary for them to be available on the date they are assigned. They will meet with an academic advisor virtually and complete pre-enrollment tasks before their NSE date.
  6. Your student will submit their reservation.

Other Details

Your Student’s Pre-Course Registration Tasks

Please encourage your student to complete the following items at least three days before their New Student Enrollment date.

Advising Inventory

The inventory is a series of questions about your student’s academic experience, incoming credit, interests, goals and personal characteristics. Your student's responses on the inventory are the starting point for their NSE advising appointment. Feel free to sit down with your student while they complete the inventory and use it as a way to discuss potential courses of interest.

To complete the Advising Inventory, your student will log into MyRED and under the “Admissions” tab, click “undergraduate application.”

Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam

The Math Placement Exam is required of ALL new students, regardless of previous math experience. Not all new students will take math in their first semester, but your student must have an MPE score on file to get enrolled in first-semester courses. Your student can take the exam online a maximum of three times (once per 24 hours), and it must be completed on a computer. They can access a sample exam here.

Modern Language Placement Exam (if applicable)

Depending on your student's admit college or major, they may be required to take the language placement exam, which is offered online in Spanish, French and German.

Confirm Contact Information

Your student should confirm that the phone number and email address listed in the “Profile” section of their MyRED account is accurate. Your student will be contacted by an academic advisor to schedule a virtual advising conversation before their scheduled NSE date.

If your student has a disability, please have them contact the Services for Students with Disabilities office at 402-472-3787 prior to their New Student Enrollment date. Communication with this office will allow us to identify individual needs and make arrangements to secure needed services.

Course Enrollment Process

1-on-1 Virtual Appointment with Academic Advisor

A representative from your student’s college will contact your student directly via phone or email to schedule a virtual appointment. It is important that your student’s contact information in their MyRED account is up to date and correct. The virtual appointment will occur before your student’s scheduled NSE date so that their advisor can submit a course list to NSE on their NSE date.

During the 1-on-1 virtual advising appointment, your student and a professional academic advisor or faculty advisor will discuss requirements, course options, incoming credit and more so that the advisor can create a course list for your student.

Enrolling for Classes

On or before your student’s scheduled NSE date, the advisor with whom they had the virtual appointment will submit a course list to NSE. That course list will be informed by the virtual advising appointment, degree requirements, your student’s pre-enrollment task results/responses, and course availability. Your student does not need to do anything on their scheduled date. Our staff will use the course list submitted by the advisor to enroll your student within 7–10 business days after that date. Your student will not enroll themselves in first-semester classes. Please keep in mind that this process and timeline are based on the expectation that your student completes all of the required pre-course registration tasks three days before their scheduled NSE date. If they do not, their advising and course enrollment will be delayed.

Your student will receive an email once they have been enrolled in courses. At that time, you and your student will be able to review their course schedule in MyRED and your student can communicate with their advisor if they would like to make any changes. After your student is enrolled, they will also receive information about accessing the required online orientation modules.

Online Orientation Modules

Canvas orientation portal

Between October 22 and the beginning of the Spring semester, parents and family members can access a comprehensive virtual orientation through Canvas, the university’s learning management system. The parent and family site is public and does not require a login (students will complete their orientation within their Canvas account after they’re enrolled in Spring courses). Click here to access the Online Parent/Family Orientation for Spring 2021.

The parent/family orientation is structured sequentially, meaning there are four modules through which users can navigate page by page to access information about academic success, life as a Husker, paying for college, and student next steps. Completing all four modules in one sitting takes up to 1.5 hours. However, users can directly access pages of interest by clicking on the “Modules” tab in the course navigation. Though the platform is accessible on smartphones and other devices, using a computer provides the best experience.

Live webinars

NSE has partnered with campus colleagues to create a series of live webinars, which are open to students, parents, and family members, to supplement the online orientation course. These webinars cover topics that typically would be featured at in-person NSE. Hosts will address frequently asked questions and answer live questions submitted by participants. Check out our webinars page for more details.

After Course Enrollment

There is an abundance of research that shows a positive correlation between parental/guardian involvement and a student’s successful transition to college. Communication is key, both before arrival to UNL and afterward. We hope you will talk with your student about ways to manage time, persevere when challenged, and ask for help when needed.

Check out this comprehensive checklist for all the items your student should complete after NSE.

Parent/Guest MyRed access

If your student would like to grant you access to information in MyRed, check out this tutorial.

Family Weekend/UNL Parent Newsletter

Visit the UNL Parents Association website to learn about Family Weekend and read the UNL Parent Newsletter. You can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter to receive it by email.

Campus parking

Look through the comprehensive UNL parking guide. Your student can access the portal to order their permit.

Campus jobs

Your student can access Handshake, the UNL jobs platform, to start looking for on-campus work opportunities, internships and events.