Parent/Guardian Information

Parent & Guardian Information

We are excited to welcome you and your student to the Husker family.

Through New Student Enrollment, you’ll learn how the university supports your student and how you can, too.

If you’ve had a student go through NSE before, you’ll notice that NSE 2021 will look different. Even so, we’re here to help your student connect with peers, get enrolled in courses, and start their transition as a Husker, just as we’ve done for decades. We’re here for you, too!

The NSE process has two distinct parts for students:

  1. Orientation
  2. Academic advising/course enrollment

NSE steps are sequential, and the sooner your student completes them, the sooner they’ll get enrolled in their first-semester courses. Their first step will be the orientation reservation.

Orientation reservations open May 3, 2021 for Summer/Fall 2021 admits who’ve paid the enrollment deposit. When your student makes their reservation, they’ll choose between In-person or Online Orientation. Check out the chart on the freshman student page to help you and your student choose which option is right for you. You can also find a list of FAQs on freshman student page.

NSE Details

Orientation Reservation

Your student’s first NSE step is to submit their orientation reservation. Their orientation reservation is their official way of indicating to us that they’d like to move forward with new-student processes. The system opens May 3, 2021 for freshmen admitted for Summer/Fall 2021.

Your student will access the orientation reservation in MyRED via the “Admissions” tab. Their $250 enrollment deposit (ED) must be paid before they can access NSE steps. They can pay the ED on the Admissions tab in MyRED. Please direct deposit-related questions to

If your student chooses In-Person Orientation, they will select one of the dates listed below. Dates that have reached their maximum capacity will not be displayed on the reservation. Because of that, some of the dates below may not be available when your student makes their reservation.

In-Person Orientation dates: June 1, June 2, June 3, June 4, June 7, June 8, June 9, June 11, June 12 (Saturday), June 15, June 16, June 18 (Power Up Weekend participants only), June 23, June 24, June 29, June 30, July 1, July 6, July 7, July 8, July 9.

In-Person Orientation

We are excited to offer a safe, comfortable in-person orientation experience.

We are excited to offer a safe, comfortable in-person orientation experience. In response to guidance from the CDC and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health department, those who are fully vaccinated from COVID-19 are not required to wear face masks or socially distance—indoors or outdoors—on UNL campuses or in our facilities.

If your student selects In-Person Orientation, they will choose an available date between June 1 and July 9. Dates that have reached their maximum capacity will not be displayed.

The student and parent/family programs run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During that time, students and their parents/guests will spend a portion of the day together. See the In-Person Orientation information on our student page for details about the in-person schedule.

Your student can add parents or guests when making their In-Person Orientation reservation in MyRED. Your student can pay the $15 guest fee via credit card on the registration form, or they can choose not to pay on the registration and have the fee deferred to their first student bill.

Online Orientation (for students)

If your student selects Online Orientation, their reservation will display a date for Online Orientation. That date is when the Online Orientation will open to them. They are not required to access the orientation on that date specifically, but they should complete it within two weeks of that date. Your student will receive an email from NSE on that date with access instructions.

We offer a free, publicly available Online Orientation for parents and family members (more information available on the Parent/Family Online Orientation section of this page).

Academic Advising and Enrollment

In the past, advising, enrollment, and orientation content were all part of our one-day NSE program. By separating orientation from advising/enrollment and making advising/enrollment a virtual process, we were able to nearly triple the average length of the advising appointment compared to previous years and make the appointment more private. Virtual advising will save your student an extra trip to campus without sacrificing a live, quality interaction with their advisor.

Pre-advising Tasks

After your student has submitted their orientation reservation, they can access pre-advising tasks, which are the Math Placement Exam (required), Advising Inventory (required), and the Modern Language Placement Exam (depends on major/admit college). These must be completed before they’ll be able to schedule their virtual academic advising appointment.

Advising Appointment Sign-up

After your student has completed pre-advising tasks, they can sign up for a one-hour virtual academic advising appointment. They cannot access the appointment scheduling system unless the pre-advising tasks are complete. Advising appointments begin May 24, 2021 for Summer/Fall 2021 freshman admits.

Your student’s orientation date (whether online or in person) is unrelated to advising/enrollment. They do not have to complete orientation before being advised and enrolled. Similarly, they do not have to be advised/enrolled before orientation. Your student will follow the advising appointment scheduling instructions to set up their appointment.

The Advising Appointment

Your student’s appointment will last about one hour and will happen virtually, most likely via Zoom, unless alternative arrangements have been made. Your student will receive the Zoom link (or other appointment access instructions) directly from their college via email approximately 3-4 business days before their appointment.

To ensure a high-quality advising experience, it is important that your student is prepared for the appointment. They should be at home or at another private location, if possible, where they can focus on their appointment.

They should use a computer during the appointment, if possible, for the best screen-sharing experience. If they indicated on their appointment reservation that they do not have computer or internet access, that information will be shared with their advisor, and they will modify the appointment accordingly.

During the appointment, your student and their advisor will get to know each other, discuss degree requirements using the Degree Planner tool, review incoming credit (if applicable), identify course options, build your student’s course schedule, and enroll your student in first-semester classes.

Parent/Family Online Orientation

Parents and family members can access a comprehensive virtual orientation through Canvas, the university’s learning management system. The parent and family site is public and does not require a login (students who select Online Orientation will complete their orientation within their Canvas account). Even if you attend In-Person Orientation with your student, you will be able to access the Parent/Family Online Orientation. The orientation is accessible at this link.

The parent/family orientation is structured sequentially, meaning there are four modules through which users can navigate page by page to access information about academic success, life as a Husker, paying for college, and student next steps. Completing all four modules in one sitting takes up to 1.5 hours (it does not have to be completed in one sitting; it is available on demand). Users can directly access pages of interest by clicking on the “Modules” tab in the course navigation. Though the platform is accessible on smartphones and other devices, using a computer provides the best experience.

Live webinars

NSE has partnered with campus colleagues to create a series of live webinars, which are open to students, parents, and family members, to supplement the Online Orientation. Webinars are especially helpful if you are not able to attend In-Person Orientation. Hosts will address frequently asked questions and answer live questions submitted by participants. Check out our webinars page for more details.

After Advising and Orientation

There is an abundance of research that shows a positive correlation between parental/guardian involvement and a student’s successful transition to college. Communication is key, both before arrival to UNL and afterward. We hope you will talk with your student about ways to manage time, persevere when challenged, and ask for help when needed.

Check out this comprehensive checklist for all the items your student should complete after NSE.

Parent/Guest MyRed access

If your student would like to grant you access to information in MyRed, check out this tutorial.

Family Weekend/UNL Parent Newsletter

Visit the UNL Parents Association website to learn about Family Weekend and read the UNL Parent Newsletter. You can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter to receive it by email.

Campus parking

You may want to review the comprehensive UNL parking guide with your student. Your student can access the portal to order their permit.

Campus jobs

Your student can access Handshake, the UNL jobs platform, to start looking for on-campus work opportunities, internships and events.

Información en español

La Inscripción de Nuevos Estudiantes (New Student Enrollment) es el proceso de transición a la Universidad de Nebraska-Lincoln que es obligatorio para todos los nuevos estudiantes. El proceso consiste en dos partes principales, que son:

  1. El consejo académico y registro del curso (“Advising and Enrollment”), que se hace de modo virtual, y
  2. La orientación (“Orientation”), en que se puede participar en persona o on-line.

Para comenzar el proceso de NSE, su estudiante debería hacer su registro de NSE a través de su portal de MyRED.

Si su estudiante elige hacer la orientación en persona, puede acompañarle usted al día. Vamos a ofrecer servicios en español a lo largo del día para padres y familiares.

Abajo tienen algunas preguntas y respuestas frecuentes sobre el registro del curso y la orientación.

¿Cómo se hace el registro de cursos para el primer semestre?

A pesar del tipo de orientación que elige su estudiante, el proceso de registro de cursos sucede de modo virtual. Después de hacer su registro de orientación, su estudiante va a tener que completar varias tareas preparatorias para el registro de curso, incluyendo llenar un asesor inventario académico (en que detalle los cursos y créditos que ya tiene de su educación previa) y exámenes de nivel (de matemáticas y posiblemente de idiomas modernas). Después de eso, su estudiante va a tener una cita con un consejero académico para determinar sus cursos para el primer semestre y registrarse en ellos.

¿Cuáles son las ventajas de participar en el día de orientación en persona?

La transición a la vida universitaria es un momento significante. Para su estudiante, venir al campus para su día de orientación le ofrece oportunidades para conocer a otros estudiantes con aspiraciones académicas parecidas, hacer preguntas sobre la vida estudiantil, aprender sobre apoyos que ofrece la universidad y comenzar a acostumbrarse al campus y a la ciudad de Lincoln.

Para usted como padre o familiar, el día de orientación ofrece la oportunidad para hacer sus preguntas sobre cómo va a ser la vida de su estudiante en este nuevo paso y cómo usted puede apoyar en el camino. Venir al día de orientación también le da la oportunidad de conocer a personal de UNL que hablan español.

¿Qué se tiene que hacer para elegir y registrarse para el día de orientación en persona?

Su estudiante debería hacer su registro de orientación a través de su portal de MyRED, eligiendo la opción on-line o la opción en persona.

La orientación en persona tiene lugar entre el 1 de junio y el 9 de julio: se elige un día según la disponibilidad de fechas que va a estar por orden de llegada.

Si usted quiere participar en el programa en español, su estudiante lo debe indicar en su registro de orientación o su estudiante puede llamar a la oficina al 402-472-4646.

¿Qué se hace en el día de orientación?

El día de orientación comienza a las 8:00 de la mañana y termina a las 5:00 de la tarde. Durante el día de orientación, hay algunas sesiones específicamente para estudiantes, otras que son específicamente para padres / invitados y otras a las que asisten juntos.

Todas las partes del programa para padres / invitados, menos la sesión de la facultad, se presentan directamente en español o con la ayuda de intérpretes. Las sesiones en español explican cómo pagar la cuenta estudiantil, los detalles logísticos de la vida estudiantil (el horario, el aparcamiento, la tecnología, etcétera), y los tipos de apoyo que hay en el campus (los recursos académicos, los servicios para carreras profesionales, el centro de salud, etcétera). También se ofrece el almuerzo con personal que habla en español y un recorrido del campus en español.

¿Hay costo para participar en el día de orientación en persona?

Es gratis para los estudiantes; para los padres e invitados, el precio es de $15 por padre o invitado. El pago se puede hacer online cuando el estudiante se apunte, o puede aplazar el pago a su cuenta estudiantil consolidada para que lo cubra la ayuda financiera en septiembre. No hay costo adicional por servicios en español.

¿Cómo funciona el programa de orientación on-line?

Si su estudiante elige la orientación on-line, recibirá acceso a un curso con información sobre la vida estudiantil (el horario, el aparcamiento, la tecnología, etcétera), y los tipos de apoyo que hay en el campus (los recursos académicos, los servicios para carreras profesionales, el centro de salud, etcétera), y tendrá que completar unos módulos dentro de 2 semanas después de recibir acceso.

Además de los módulos, vamos a ofrecer sesiones informativas on-line (“webinars”) sobre varios temas que dan espacio para hacer preguntas; las sesiones son abiertas para estudiantes y también para sus padres/familiares. Las sesiones serán en inglés.

Para los padres y familiares, ofrecemos una orientación online en inglés, que abre el 1 de junio.