Welcome To College

Through New Student Enrollment, you’ll go from a prospective student to a current student.

Starting college is an exciting time—we’re here to help you get started on the right foot.

If you’ve had a friend or sibling go through NSE before, you’ll notice that NSE will look different for you. Even so, we’re here to help you connect with peers, get enrolled in courses, and start your transition as a Husker, just as we’ve done for decades.

The NSE process has two distinct parts:

  1. Orientation
  2. Academic advising/course enrollment

NSE steps are sequential, and the sooner you complete them, the sooner you’ll get enrolled in your first-semester courses. Your first step will be the orientation reservation.

Orientation reservations open October 11, 2021 for Spring 2022 admits who’ve paid the enrollment deposit.

NSE Details

Orientation Reservation

Your first NSE step is to submit your orientation reservation. Your orientation reservation is your official way of indicating to us that you’d like to move forward with new-student processes. The orientation reservation opens October 11, 2021 for freshman students admitted for Spring 2022.

  1. Log in to MyRED, click the “Admissions” tab, “Undergraduate,” and then “Orientation Reservation.”
    • Your $250 enrollment deposit (ED) must be paid before you can access NSE steps. You can pay the ED on the Admissions tab in MyRED. Please direct deposit-related questions to
  2. On the first page of the reservation, confirm your major. If the major displayed is not your desired major, contact to request a change of major.
  3. Your reservation will display a date for Online Orientation. That date is when the Online Orientation will open to you. You are not required to access the orientation on that date specifically, but you should complete it within two weeks of that date. You will receive an email from NSE on that date with access instructions.
    • You do not have to complete Online Orientation before continuing with NSE steps. After you submit your orientation reservation, you can begin working on pre-advising tasks.
  4. Submit your orientation reservation. After submission, you can begin pre-advising tasks.

Pre-advising Tasks

After you’ve submitted your orientation reservation, you can access pre-advising tasks. These must be completed before you’ll be able to schedule your virtual academic advising appointment. During your advising appointment, you’ll enroll in first-semester classes with your advisor’s help.

Submit the Advising Inventory

The Advising Inventory is a series of questions about your academic experience, incoming credit, interests, goals and personal characteristics. Your advisor will review your inventory responses before your appointment. You can access the Advising Inventory in MyRED by clicking on the “Admissions” tab, then “Undergraduate” then “New Student Enrollment Advising Inventory.” If the major listed in your inventory is not your desired major, please contact to request a change of major.

Take the Math Placement Exam (MPE)

The Math Placement Exam is required for all students, regardless of your previous math experience. Not all students will take a math course in their first semester, but you must have an MPE score on file to be able to set up an academic advising appointment. You will not be able to schedule an appointment if the MPE is not complete. You can take the exam online a maximum of three times (once per 24 hours). Click here to access a practice exam.

Note: Your MPE results must be received by the Math department and uploaded to your student file before you can schedule your advising appointment. This process may take 1–2 business days.

Take the Modern Language Placement Exam (if applicable)

Complete the Modern Language Placement Exam if you plan to pursue a foreign language at the university or if your college or major is listed on this page. You can access the exam in MyRED.

Advising Appointment Sign-up

After you’ve completed pre-advising tasks, you can sign up for a one-hour virtual academic advising appointment. You cannot access the appointment scheduling system unless the pre-advising tasks are complete. Advising appointments begin November 15, 2021 for Spring 2022 freshman admits.

Your Online Orientation access date is unrelated to advising/enrollment. You do not have to complete orientation before being advised and enrolled. Similarly, you do not have to be advised/enrolled before orientation.

Follow these steps to make your appointment

  1. Log in to MyRED, click the “Admissions” tab, “Undergraduate,” and then “Academic Advising Appointment”
    • Note: Your MPE results must be received by the Math department and uploaded to your student file before you can schedule your appointment. This process may take 1-2 business days. If the reservation form displays an “ineligible” message, please be patient while your MPE results are processed.
  2. On the first page of the reservation, confirm your major. If the major displayed is not your desired major, contact to request a change of major. Do not proceed with the reservation until you have received confirmation of the change from NSE.
  3. Select a date and time for your virtual academic advising appointment. All times are listed in Central U.S. time.
    • By submitting a reservation, you are committing to the appointment. Please mark your calendar accordingly. Your advisor will prepare for the appointment in advance and will be expecting you on the day and time you select.
  4. Complete remaining fields on the reservation and submit. Within one business day after submitting your reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details about preparing for your appointment. About 2–3 business days before your appointment, your college will email you to provide you with your advisor’s name and appointment access details.

Prepare for Advising

Once you’ve scheduled your one-hour advising appointment, keep the following information in mind:

  • Please be at home or at another private location, if possible, where you can focus on your appointment.
  • Please use a computer, if possible, for the best screen-sharing experience. If you indicated on your appointment reservation that you do not have computer or internet access, that information will be shared with your advisor, and they will modify your appointment accordingly.
  • About 2–3 business days before your appointment, your college will contact you to give you the name of your advisor and appointment access instructions. You do not need to contact your advisor before the appointment.
  • After scheduling your appointment, you’ll receive an email from NSE that contains appointment prep info specific to your college. For most students, that information will be contained in a video that you must watch before your appointment. Information within that video or webpage will serve as a starting point for your discussions with your advisor.

Advising and Enrollment

Your appointment will last about one hour and will happen virtually, most likely via Zoom, unless alternative arrangements have been made. You will receive the Zoom link (or other appointment access instructions) directly from your college via email approximately 2–3 business days before your appointment.

During your appointment, you and your advisor will get to know each other, discuss degree requirements, review your incoming credit, identify course options, build your course schedule, and enroll in first-semester classes.

To build your schedule and enroll, your advisor will help you use the Enrollment Scheduler in MyRED. Each course is a piece of the puzzle, and the Scheduler will arrange those pieces into various schedule options from which you can choose. Depending on your major, incoming credit, course availability, personal scheduling considerations, and other factors, you may have lots of schedule options to choose from, or you may just have 1-2. Regardless, your advisor will ensure that your schedule includes whichever courses you need in your first semester.

Online Orientation

On the date you were given when you made your orientation reservation (November 1 is the earliest date), you will gain access to the Online Orientation in Canvas, which is the university’s learning management system (think of it like an academic portal). You will receive an email on your access date with detailed instructions. The orientation content will support your transition and help you be successful at Nebraska. You do not have to complete Online Orientation before being advised and enrolled in courses.

The orientation is made up of four modules that will introduce you to resources, strategies, and departments related to academic success, life as a Husker, paying for college, and next steps. It is “asynchronous,” meaning it is not hosted live and is available on demand. You’ll navigate through the pages sequentially, and you’ll complete a short quiz to mark completion of the orientation. You have two weeks from your access date to complete all four modules (the whole orientation only takes about 90 minutes to complete, so two weeks is plenty!). You do not have to complete the orientation in one sitting; you can leave and re-enter the orientation as needed. After completion, the orientation will remain accessible to you throughout your first semester so that you can refer to it as needed.

To access Canvas, you’ll first need to configure your password. Follow the steps in this password configuration tutorial to get your Canvas set up. Then, on and after your access date, you’ll be able to log in and find the NSE course in your Canvas dashboard. You’ll also receive a direct link to the course via email once it’s accessible to you.

In-Person Orientation

NSE will host an optional In-Person Orientation for freshmen on January 13. The In-Person Orientation is a supplement to, not a replacement for, the Online Orientation. All freshmen are required to complete the Online Orientation, regardless of attending In-Person Orientation.

The reservation processes for Online Orientation and In-Person Orientation are separate. You must submit an Online Orientation reservation via MyRED, and you should do so as soon as possible starting October 11. After submitting your Online Orientation reservation, you’ll gain access to pre-advising steps like the Advising Inventory and the Math Placement Exam, which must be completed before you can schedule your academic advising appointment.

The In-Person Orientation reservation will be an online form, which you’ll receive via email. The reservation form will open November 22. Because it is optional, your In-Person Orientation reservation is not tied to academic advising or course enrollment. Academic advisors will not be available during the orientation day for enrollment-related questions.

In-Person Orientation is a great option for students who’d like to spend time on campus, meet other students, and ask questions to university staff members. In-Person Orientation includes brief informational sessions about: academic success and support; opportunities, requirements and expectations specific to your admit college; and financial aid/paying for college. Additionally, attendees will spend time in small groups having lunch together and visiting key locations on campus. At the end of the day, several campus departments will host booths where students can ask questions or get more information.

Students can bring up to two guests to In-Person Orientation for a fee of $15 per guest; guests can be registered for orientation via the student’s In-Person Orientation reservation. At orientation check-in, the guest fee(s) will be charged to the student’s first consolidated student bill, which will be due in February. The guest fee cannot be paid by cash, check, or other methods. Please note that students and their guests will spend a portion of the day apart, including lunch.

After NSE

After you’ve completed both parts of the NSE process (orientation and advising/enrollment), you’re ready for your final preparations as a new Husker. Refer to the “Next Steps” module in the Online Orientation for a full overview of to-do items. Some steps are highlighted below.

NCard application

The NCard will be your campus ID card. You are required to submit an NCard application and upload a photo. You will need a government-issued ID (typically a driver’s license) to pick up your card on campus in the Nebraska Union, 1400 R Street. After you submit your application, you’ll get an email from the NCard office with pickup instructions. If you’re not in Lincoln, you can pick up your card when you arrive on campus.

New Student Health Requirement

All new students are required to provide immunization records. Learn more about the New Student Health Requirement here.

Students who are 18 should have their parent or guardian complete and notarize the Power of Attorney Form to expedite care at the University Health Center. Please bring the completed form with you when you arrive on campus. Students who are 17 should wait until their eighteenth birthday to have their parent or guardian complete and notarize the Power of Attorney Form. Students who are 19 or older do not need to submit the Power of Attorney form.

Duo setup

Register for Two-Factor Authentication to access your university accounts. After you're enrolled in courses, the next time you log in to MyRed, Canvas, or Huskers email, you'll be prompted to protect your accounts. Find a step-by-step guide at

Huskers email

After you’re enrolled in classes, log in to your Huskers email at You’ll use your MyUNL account ID plus to log in (example: To find your MyUNL ID, follow these instructions.

Campus parking

Look through the comprehensive UNL parking guide, and access the portal to order your permit.

Academic support

Familiarize yourself with all of the academic support provided by the Center for Academic Success and Transitions (CAST). CAST staff help students with time management, note-taking, free tutoring, study strategies and more. Find a list of subject-specific academic resource centers around campus here.

Campus jobs

Access Handshake, the UNL jobs platform, to start looking for on-campus work opportunities, internships and events.

"U Got This!" training

After you’re enrolled in Spring classes, you’ll get access to the university’s required training about university policies, resources, and reporting options related to sexual misconduct. You must complete the training before classes begin.