We have a place for you.

If you haven't followed the "traditional path" to college directly after high school graduation, it's okay.

We Know What It's Like

The number of non-traditional students enrolled in institutions of higher education continues to increase. Typical non-traditional students:

  • are 23 years of age or older
  • have been out of school for a number of years
  • AND/OR, have a primary focus other than school (i.e. marriage, parenting, work, etc.)

Just For You

Designed For You

We've got a special program to provide information that will help you be successful. You will meet other nontraditional students, learn about the services that promote academic success, and find out about support services that cater to students who have taken a break from formal education.

Register for NSE

Follow the directions as a transfer student or freshmen depending on your previous collegiate experience.

Make a reservation through MyRed to:

  • attend New Student Enrollment
  • register for classes
  • meet with your adviser